Adult Coaching

The coaching programme is run by Alicia Hellier (LTA Licensed Level 5 coach, TDA) and a team of coaches (

Adult Coaching

Tennis/fitness basket drills sessions run on a Monday evening 7-8 pm and on a Tuesday morning 9.30-10.30 am. These are a great way to exercise, meet people and improve your tennis.

‘Back to Tennis’ sessions run on a Monday evening 8-9pm.

Ladies groups run each morning. The cost is approximately £7 per person for members in a group of 4.

Ladies social doubles runs on a Thursday evening from 8pm. (small charge for floodlights but otherwise free for members).

Individual adult lessons are available for £28 an hour for members.

Non members may participate by paying the £3 guest fee.

Group lessons or individual coaching can be arranged during the week – contact